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Needles, Syringes & Safety

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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
CM5180 Needle 18g x 3.75cm Blunt NS5180 Calea: CM5180#
Becton Dickinson: 305180
No image set Oral Syringe 6cc Each SS6104 Calea: CM6104
Tyco: 8881-906104
CM7230 Set Infusion CLEO 90 90mmx60cm IV7230 Calea: CM7230#
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-7230-24
No image set Syringe 10cc Slip Tip NS1604 Calea: CM1604#
Becton Dickinson: 301604
CM9628 Syringe 1cc Luer Lock TB NS9628 Calea: CM9628#
Becton Dickinson: 309628
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