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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
No image set Angiocath 14g x 4.7cm IV1167 Calea: CM8727
Becton Dickinson: BD381167
No image set AngioCath 24G x 1.875 cm Autoguard IV1700 Calea: CM8722
Becton Dickinson: BD381700
CM4221 Catheter IV 22g x 2.5cm Insyte AutoGard IV1701 Calea: CM4221
Becton Dickinson: 381423
No image set Catheter IV 22g x2.5cm Blood Control Insyte Autoguard IV2523 Calea: CM2523
Source Medical: BD382523
CM8241 Catheter IV 24g x 1.875cm Insyte AutoGard IV1412 Calea: CM8241
Becton Dickinson: 381412
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