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Barriers, Creams & Wipes

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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
No image set Adhesive Remover Pad 100/box WP1640 Calea: OP6400
PDI: B16400
OP7443 Adhesive Remover Wipe Alll Care Each WP7443 Calea: OX7443
Convatec: 37443
No image set Adhesive Remover Wipe SensiCare Each WP3500 Calea: OX4135
Convatec: 413500
No image set Ag+ Powder (Former Arglaes) - Barrier 10g WS9410 Calea: WX9410
Medline: MSC9410
No image set Barrier Cream 10% Zinc Secura 78g UC1279 Calea: OM1279
Smith & Nephew: 59431279
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