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Adaptors & Connectors

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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
CM9100 Adaptor IV Clave Luer Lock IV1000 Calea: CM9100
Hospira: 11956001
2N8399 Adaptor IV Clearlink Luer Activated IV8399 Calea: 2N8399
Baxter: 2N8399
CM88161 Adaptor PRN Injection Cap Port IV5111 Calea: CM88161
Becton Dickinson: 385111
CM82100 Combi-Cap Red Male/Female Leur Cap IV2100 Calea: CM82100
Healthmark: IV2100R
CM120060 Connector IV Clave Y Site IV6001 Calea: CM120060
Hospira: 12006001
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