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Tapes & Securement

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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
CM9781X Securement Horizontal Drain Tube OS9781 Calea: CM9781X
Ontario Ostomy Supply: 9781
CM0608 Securement Statlock for 6-8 Fr VUPD68 Calea: CM0608
C.R. Bard: VUPD68
CM0032 Securement Statlock Picc Plus IV0220 Calea: CM0032
The Stevens Company: 277-PIC0220
JK0719 Steristrip 1.25cm x 10cm 6 per package WP1547 Calea: JK0719
3M Canada: R1547
JK0838 Tape Leukoplast Sleek Waterproof Adhesive 2.5cm x 3m IV5906 Calea: JK0838
BSN Medical: 7235906
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