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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
No image set CADD Admin Set High Volume 0.2m 257.5 cm Prime Volume 20ml IV7355 Calea: CM17355
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-7355-01
CM7394 Cadd Administration set with air eliminating .2m filter IV7394 Calea: CM7394
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-7394-01
CM7339 CADD Administration Yellow Strip 280cm Prime 6.3ml IV7339 Calea: CM7339
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-7339-01
No image set Cassette 100mL with Flow Stop For CADD Solis IV7302 Calea: CM7302
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-7302-24
Cassette 50mL with Flow Stop For CADD Solis IV7301 Calea: CM7301
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-7301-24
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