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*New Safety Devices

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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
No image set Catheter IV with Y Adaptor 20Gx 2.5cm Closed Saf-T-Intima Each IV3336 Calea: CM3833
Becton Dickinson: BD383336
CM2767 Needle Port Safety 20g x 0.3cm Gripper Plus NS2767 Calea: CM2767
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-2767-24
No image set Needle Port Safety 22g x 3.125cm Gripper Plus HN2761 Calea: CM2761
Smiths Medical Canada: 21-2761-24
No image set Needle Safestep 20G X 1.25cm Huber SS0037 Calea: CM0370
Bard: LH-0037
No image set Needle Safestep 20G X 1.85cm Huber SS0031 Calea: CM0310
Bard: LH-0031
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