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*New Safety Devices

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Thumbnail Image Product Name Code Other Codes
CM7230 Set Infusion CLEO 90 9mmx60cm CM7230 Smiths Medical Canada: 21-7230-24
CM5927 Syringe Safety 01cc 27Gx1.25cm TB CM5927 Becton Dickinson: BD305927
CM5930 Syringe Safety 01cc 29Gx1.25cm Insulin CM5930 Becton Dickinson: BD305930
CM5779 Syringe Safety 03cc 21Gx2.5cm Eclipse CM5779 Becton Dickinson: BD305779
No image set Syringe Safety 1ml with 25g x 0.625" needle CM5780 Becton Dickinson: BD305780